What Is Love

What Is Love

Romans 5:8(ESV)

But God shows his love towards us, in that, while we were yet sinners, Christ died for us.

Ever felt like God had stopped loving you? I know I have many times. For many years I defined God’s love based on how good my performance was. I never ever felt good enough to be loved by God because my performance was not perfect. I was ignorant to the fact that my lack of perfection qualified me to be loved by God.

So instead of defining God’s love by my words I have decided to see what God’s word says about His love. Paul in Romans reveals one of the most amazing truths about God’s love for us. We know that every sinner is as far away from God as he or she will ever be, yet God decides to show his love to us through his love for sinful man. God did not show his love to us through his love for a righteous man, he chose mere sinners which at one point in our lives we were. This means everyone on earth is qualified to be loved by God totally.

The fact that God’s love for me was not tied to me but to him gave me the confidence to know God could never stop loving me. I may not feel it, but I know it and the bible says the just shall live by faith not by what he sees or feel, therefore when I remember God’s perfect love it gives me all the joy in the world. The joy of your salvation is tied to your level of information about God’s redemption.

I want you to cast out any fear you have about God not loving you enough, or any thought that God is even angry at you. John shows us God’s love is unconditional in 1 John 4:18a: “There is no fear in love; but perfect love casteth out fear.” John wants us to know that we have no reason to be afraid because if God loves perfectly he cannot love you any less than he loves Christ. This is the true definition of Love today.

Now you can live rest assured that God doesn’t love you because you are good, God loves you because He is love. God also loves you more than he hates sin and this he showed by sending Jesus to die for you when you were still a sinner.

Relax in the reckless love of your Father. God is perfect and unchanging and it is on this truth I define love. Walk in the knowledge of this truth and share this love with everybody around you.

Have a blessed week

Thought of the week: God doesn’t love because we do good things, He loves because he is love. Love is dependent on Him not us.

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