God Stays

God Stays

Hebrews 13:15

for he hath said, I will never leave thee, nor forsake thee.

One day the children of Israel wanted to see the God that delivered them for the first time and boy was it an event. They had to cleanse themselves through various rituals in preparation for God’s visit. There was also set down rules on where to stay and what not to touch while God came.

Finally God showed up and before he could get a word or two out they were scared, some died for disobeying the instruction to not touch the mountain. God left and kept visiting Moses from time to time after that experience. There was never a moment where everyone in Israel could experience God all at once.

Many years down the line Jesus came to earth as a man, he lived with man, dined with man, went through mans struggles and best of all he died for every man. There are many benefits of Jesus death on the cross apart from taking away our sins. Jesus sacrifice made it possible for Him to tell you “I WILL NEVER EVER LEAVE YOU NOR FORSAKE YOU”. We are so lucky.

Paul in Romans 8 asked that question you have probably asked which is “When can God leave me?” or as he put it “What can separate me from God’s love”. After pondering for a while Paul came to a conclusion and the answer was not Sin, nor a lack of prayer, nor a lack of bible study. The answer Paul came up with was an emphatic NOTHING not even Himself. That’s amazing and true.

Abba wants you to know that he didn’t visit you after salvation he stayed never to leave you again (Eph 1:13 says you have been sealed with the Holy Spirit after Salvation) that’s some wonderful reality.

For this reason you walk everyday with God in you before you say anything to Him. Enjoy his indwelling presence and treat him like a member of your life not a visitor because he will always be there. Now and Forever

This reality makes me wanna sing “He lives in you by Diano Ross”. God ain’t a visitor in your life he is a part of your reality after salvation.

Thought of the week: You don’t pray to invite God’s presence, you pray to enjoy his presence because he isn’t a visitor in your life he is a part of your being.

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