Believe The Word

Believe The Word

Luke 1:45

And blessed is she that believed: for there shall be a performance of those things which were told her from the Lord

As a Christian our responsibility is to believe God for absolutely anything keeping in mind that God is able to do whatever his Word says. The how is not our responsibility but God’s.

Mary in Luke 1:38 said “be it unto me according to thy word”. Why was she so confident in the words of the angel?. She was confident because the angel told her the Holy Spirit was going to do the work. That was all she needed to know and I believe she understood the fact that every move of God on earth is carried out by the Holy Spirit. She put her confidence and faith in the awesome power of the Holy Spirit.

When you want to trust God for healing, deliverance, provision or any other thing you need two things; God’s word and the Holy Spirit. The good news is you have God’s word available in the Bible and secondly the Holy Spirit lives within you the moment you are saved (1Cor 6:19). For these reasons nothing is impossible for you when you release your faith by believing in your heart and confessing with your mouth like Mary did. Romans 10:10;”For with the heart man believeth unto righteousness, and with the mouth confession is made unto salvation.” Just confess what you believe with your mouth and you will have salvation. Salvation here does not only refer to being born again, it means so much more. Salvation is gotten from a very rich Greek word “Soteria”, which is the same word used for health and every kind of deliverance. Whatever you need is in salvation, just believe.

You may say but Jide, ‘I believed and confessed and nothing happened’, you may say ‘I still feel the pain’. Yes that happens but you need to remember when the word of the Lord from the angel came to Mary the child Jesus wasn’t born immediately, but the seed was planted and nine months down the line the manifestation was obvious. Don’t give up, stay in faith and you will see your miracle soon. As Elizabeth said there shall be a performance of the things God said to Mary, the same shall happen for you in your life.

Blessed in the Greek is the word “Makarios’ which also means happy. For that reason rejoice, smile, enjoy everyday for the battle is already won and in a short while you will walk into your miracle.

Thought of the week: You do not need to see the manifestation of your miracle to be happy, your believe in the word from God is all you need to be happy.

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