Hello and welcome to my world. My name is Babajide Adekunle and this website will serve as a place to share every bit of encouragement to live a happy, peaceful and effective life.

We live in a world that brings negativity straight to our attention, real time and for that reason I have decided to deliver little positives to people all around the World, also in real time.

The focus here is totally God centered without religion and legalism to free all God’s Children and one of the main motivations for the blog is to get people to move from uncertainty to total assurance and confidence in their daily lives on earth. We were made to reign in life not to struggle to live in condemnation and guilt.

Thanks for visiting and you can connect with me on social media or drop whatever question bothers you about life with God here.

There is one vital truth you should know; which is “GOD LOVES YOU” everyday perfectly.

God Bless